Centenary Committees

List of Various Committees formed in connection with the Centenary Celebrations.

Sl No Name of the Committee Convenor
1 Program Management Dr.Anil Thomas Koshy
2 Documentation Mr.Cijin K Paul
3 Sports and Games Dr.Bindu K
4 Publicity and Media Dr.Twincy Varghese
5 Theme Song and Logo Ms.Shema Kovoor
6 Public Meetings Dr.V P Markose
7 Reception Dr.Vidya Raveendran
8 History – Book and Documentary Dr.Sebastian Joseph
9 Arts and Cultural Maj.K S Narayanan
10 Safety Management Capt.G Geethika
11 Academic Innovations/IQAC Dr.Manju M George
12 Finance Management Dr.Sunil Abraham Thomas
13 Seminars and Conferences Dr.Madhu K
14 Projects Committee Dr.Shyam Mohan
15 Program Logistics Ajan P J
16 Memento and College Souvenir Dr.Mini Alice
17 Souvenir Publications Mr.Cherian K George
18 Exhibition Dr.Shirley Thomas