Centenary Projects of Biosciences Department

Sl. no Project Coordinator  Project Title Nature
1. Ms. Jyothi Lekshmi.S.

Ms. Sherin Annie Abraham

Production, purification and Biochemical characterization of alkaline

Fibrinolytic enzyme from earthworms


2. Dr. Sareen Sarah John Sex determination of nutmeg seedlings using scar markers.


3. Ms. Jyothilekshmi.S. Popularisation of Maranta arundinacea (Arrowroot), an orphan underutilized crop for high quality starch products.


4. Ms.Asha.M.P. Production and distribution of  biocontrol agent: Pseudomonas fluorescens Applicative/ Environmental
5. Ms. Mary Jose One day seminar on ‘Recent advancements in Vaccine Immunology’


6. Ms. Geethu Paul Comparison of abiotic stress parameters in two plant varieties Mung bean and Cow pea. Scientific
7. Mr. Varghese Thomas Green Campus, Clean Campus Environmental
8. Mr. Vipin Thomas Proposal for a Certificate Programme in Computer Aided Drug Design Seminar/Academic
9. Ms. Bincy Jacob

Ms. Sherin annie Abraham

Vermiculture Composting and Food Analysis Consultancy hkg99 @ Bioscience Department Environmental/


10. Mr. Shyam Mohan Incubation facility for a start up company Biopatentin in collaboration with Mr. Umesh Kumar K.U. providing Intellectual Property awareness and solutions for students and researchers worldwide Startup company

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