AB Block

Change this in the air for Union Christian College with the execution of long-awaited construction projects during this centenary year. Around half a dozen major building projects are either in progress or on the anvil on the campus.

The infrastructure enhancement in the AB block envisages the facilitation of cutting-edge research and novel educational ventures. The A.B block, which currently has three lecture halls is being upgraded to house two seminar halls on the new floor being constructed above the existing structure. The project actualizes are desired to keep pace with the emerging teaching and Research technologies. The seminar halls and the research centre will catch up to the requirements of expanding research areas and methodologies. This will also make possible alliances with international knowledge community through international seminars and colloquia. State of the art facilities are being developed here to offer quality education mostly from the rural areas of the state.

Download the detailed brochure AB-block.pdf (14 downloads)